Frequently Asked Questions


What is UXDN?

We are UX Designers (UXDN), a company that presents a platform where employers can be remotely connected with the best hands for the job. We apply a never-been-used-before approach to screen, evaluate, and source for designers which is why we have abducted the attitude of continuously growing our platform with the finest skills you can find anywhere in the world. At UXDN, we see it as a lifelong duty of providing long term job accompanied with high paying packages to those designers who work with us, thus do not operate a market place where companies always source for cheap labor.

Why should I use UXDN?

It will be fair enough if we repeat that our market platform is the most efficient and the world’s best designers can be hired from there. Now, this is how it works, after we must have gotten the description required of the job from those tech companies who had partnered with us, we then proceed to handpick the best-qualified people for the job from our network of highly skilled designers. We select our designers through a detailed screening process performed by our most senior design recruiters with a little help from our Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm. Our other process of selecting the best candidate for the job is through:

How is UXDN Different?

We have realized that quite a reasonable number of organizations find themselves in a situation where they find it hard finding professional, reliable designers, designers, and other skilled individuals to occupy certain positions. That’s where we come in, we take advantage of those smart infrastructures coupled with the best hands for the job no matter where they are anywhere in the world. Due to our ethical way of doing things, 90% of the candidate we present to our clients are hired 24 hours after we present them.

What Happens if I’m not satisfied with a UXDN Designer?

We have designed our platform in such a way that the clients are allowed to perform a trial period, while on that, we will assign three of our experts handpicked from our platform. While screening all the applicants to make sure they are fit for the job, we apply the most rigorous methods in other achieve these feet because we know that not all the candidates are fit for the job. So to make sure our clients are served better, we allow them to work with those selected experts for a particular position after which they can come in terms of the candidate they prefer to work with.

Can I Hire a full-time Worker from UXDN and Bring him/her into the Company?

Most definitely, if there is a need to do so then yes you can. As it stands, some situations require that designers will need to travel for a particular period.

IP Rights

Do I need to be Concerned About Confidentiality or IP Rights?

Every member of our platform has affirmed a confidentiality clause while signing the agreement that any information disclosed by the employer must be kept private.

Who owns the legal Right to the work created by UXDN Designers?

Our clients do. Because our job is strictly to provide world-class skilled individuals to the prospective employers and not to collect intellectual assert, work created by our designers belongs solely to the clients as clearly outlined in our mutual agreements. In our contract, we had stated that all the works created by the hired UXDN professionals belong to the client, not UX Designs.

What Method of Payment Do you Accept?

As is stands, we accept payments via channels like Credit cards, Bank Wires, PayPal, and ACH.

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